Since the commencement of its Leather Garments set up, A2Z Enterprises, have gained tremendous respect by producing commendable leather goods in all manners whether it comes to quality or the amazing pricing, all are being delivered to the customers in a way that is very uncommon in the field of leather goods. Our production facilities are state of the art due to the marvelous usage of madern technology coupled with the expert technical staff. Our raw material is brought from the super class tanneries and then produced under the strict supervision of Quality Control staff in order to avoid any possible defect, which is further double checked to ensure the quality till the finished product is in to the hands of end customer.

We are thankful for our customers who have granted their utmost appreciation in regard to our products, their kind guideline and continuous trust made it possible to cope up the hurdles and problems that we have come across during this long journey. We are still in the phase of learning, and improving our goods to make it in line with the customers’ demands and accepting the challenges of increasing competition in the leather garments market. We know the only way to survive in the market is to produce only the high quality goods and update ourselves with the modern technological changes being occurred very rapidly around the world.

Our Leather products are as below:

      1. Safety and Working Gloves
      2. Sports Gloves
      3. Jackets
      4. Coats
      5. Pants
      6. Chaps & Vests